Costs and Benefits of a Wage Increase for Home Help Workers

Caroline Sallee, Alex Rosaen

This report analyzes the costs and benefits of the State of Michigan increasing wages of Home Help workers. Home Help is one of the several programs the State of Michigan provides for low-income individuals who need long-term care but do not want to move out of their homes.

Likely Economic Impact of Super Bowl XL, AEG Working Paper 2006-10

An estimate of the likely economic impacts that Super Bowl XL will have on the Metro Detroit area.

Automation Alley's First Annual Technology Industry Report: Driving Southeast Michigan Forward

Automation Alley’s First Annual Technology Industry Report: Driving Southeat Michigan Forward

A Critical Review of the Impacts of New Buffalo Casino Development

Anderson, Watkins

The Michigan Telecommunication Act: Impact on Consumers

Patrick L. Anderson, Robert Kleiman, Ian K. Clemen

An evaluation of the Michigan Telecommunications Act of 2000

Economic Diversification & High-Tech Employment in Oakland County, Michigan

Patrick L. Anderson, Ian K. Clemens, Christopher Cotton

Report determines Oakland County’s diversification among industries, and examines Oakland’s share of employment in the High Tech Industry.

Economic and Fiscal Assessment of a Change in Residency Requirements in the City of Detroit

Patrick L. Anderson

An analysis of the 1999 residency requirement imposed by the city of Detroit.

Michigan Business Climate Benchmarking Study

Patrick L. Anderson, Ian K. Clemens & Christine Reading

Establish Michigan’s Benchmark industries against competing cities

The Public School Academy Funding Gap: Revenue disparities between “charter” schools and public schools in Michigan

Patrick L. Anderson, Scott D. Watkins, & Christopher S. Cotton

Analysis of costs and benefits associated with charter schools, vs. public schools.

Location Advantages for an Auto Supplier Exchange Firm

Patrick L. Anderson, Ian K. Clemens

AEG conducts market research to determine the best location for Covisint.