A Hand Up for Michigan Workers: MEITC

The Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) commissioned Anderson Economic Group (AEG) to update our 2002 report A Hand Up for Michigan Workers: Creating a State Earned Income Tax Credit. The MCC commissioned the original report to provide policymakers with the necessary data and analysis to make a decision regarding the creation of a Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (MEITC). The MCC supported the passage of a state EITC and has advocated for the refundable tax credit as a way to help families work their way out of poverty.

Since the release of the original report, the Michigan Legislature passed and Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law the MEITC. The credit will go into effect beginning in tax year 2008. In this report we explain how the MEITC will work, the rationale for having a state EITC, and estimate the likely cost of the MEITC to the state using information not available in 2002.

Role of Blue Cross in Michigan's Health Insurance Market

The Coalition for Access and Affordability in Michigan (CAAM) commissioned Anderson Economic Group to complete an independent analysis of the special role played by Blue Cross in the Michigan health insurance market. In particular, we were commissioned to: review the Michigan health insurance market, identify the specific statutory mission of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) within that market, and to estimate, where data are available, the benefits and the burdens that result from the company’s activities under the current statutory mission.

As recently introduced legislation would change the relative burdens of Blue Cross and commercial insurers, it is informative to look at BCBSM’s historic role in the Michigan health in surance market, the original rationale for its unique tax benefit, and the costs and benefits of fulfilling its mission today. This paper looks at all of these areas to assess the impact of pending legislation.

Economic Impact: Freight Rail Infrastructure Capacity Expansion Act (FRICEA)


A Boost for Detroit Area Retailers? Strong currency, new attractions likely to draw Canadian shoppers

Watkins, Theile

Economic Impact of Big Ten Football Games in Michigan

Watkins, Sallee, Anderson

The economic impact of University of Michigan and Michigan State University football games played in the state of Michigan.

Economic Impact of Chicago Cubs 2007 Playoff Attendance

An estimate of the economic impact stemming from attendance at 2007 Cubs’ playoff baseball games.

Economic and Fiscal Impact of a New Coal Power Plant in Midland, Michigan

Economic and Fiscal Impact of a New Coal Power Plant in Midland, MI

Michigan's University Research Corridor: First Annual Economic Impact Report

Sallee, Anderson

The economic impact of Michigan’s University Research Corridor (URC). Michigan State, Wayne State, University of Michigan.

Economic and Fiscal Impact of LaSalle Bank Acquisition

In this report we analyze the likely effect that Bank of America’s acquisition of LaSalle Bank will have on employment, earnings, and tax revenue in the Chicago Region (a four county region composed of Cook, DuPage, Lake, and Will Counties). We analyze two likely outcomes of the acquisition, each assuming different levels of cost savings […]

The State Economic Handbook, 2008

Edited by Scott Watkins and Patrick L. Anderson

The State Economic Handbook is a new annual reference book profiling the economy, demography, political environment, and business climates for each of the 50 states.