AndCan® Index November 2020 Release

August 2020 legal U.S. cannabis product demand sees continued growth U.S. monthly demand for legal cannabis products increased 1.5% in August The year-over-year growth rate in demand remains strong, at 22.8%. The growth rate decreased from July to August, marking a slowdown in the recent trend of rapid monthly growth. EAST LANSING, MI—November 10, 2020—According […]

2020 Pocketbook Prediction

2020 Pocketbook Prediction: Strong Early-2020 Economy Would Have Likely Reelected Incumbent—Fall Economy Probably Will Not Award-winning Pocketbook model has uncanny accuracy record, including every election this century East Lansing, MI—October 30, 2020: Many prognosticators are hedging their bets after 2016. However, a century of evidence shows that certain economic indicators have reliably predicted the outcome […]

Akron Housing Affordability Study

The Akron Cleveland Association of REALTORS® retained Anderson Economic Group to conduct a study of housing affordability in Akron. To frame housing affordability trends in Akron, we identified trends in housing affordability across the United States and found that housing affordability nationwide has improved since the Great Recession, but a large proportion of low-income and […]

Red Cedar Project: Economic and Fiscal Impacts

Continental/Ferguson Lansing, LLC commissioned Anderson Economic Group to update our 2018 economic impact analysis of a proposed development located at the former Red Cedar Golf Course in Lansing, Michigan. We completed our study in the fall of 2018 using information pertaining to the development plan at that time. The Lansing City Council used our report […]

Economic Impact Report Released for Illinois’ Fermilab

Anderson Economic Group was retained by Fermilab  to study the economic and fiscal impact on Illinois. This report demonstrates a significant impact on the particle physics and accelerator laboratory’s home state of Illinois. The findings, based on FY 2018 data, show an economic impact on the state totaling $452 million. The lab’s activities also created […]

Economic Impact of Beer Tourism in Kent County, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to nearly 40 popular breweries. The first and most well-known is Founders Brewing Company, which was established in 1997. Over the next decade and a half, a number of breweries opened, and the city was voted Beer City USA in 2012 and 2013. In 2016 and 2017, USA Today readers […]

Oregon Public Sector Workforce: The Cost of Employee Replacement, Evidence of Labor Shortage


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Michigan’s research universities pump $18.7 billion into state economy


Empowering Michigan: 11th Edition of the Economic Impact Report of Michigan’s University Research Corridor