AEG: Continuing Analysis of the GM Strike

Updated October 11, 2019 Keep up with our expert analysis–see AEG’s latest update below. Don’t miss Patrick Anderson’s take on why this strike matters well beyond the auto industry. Much is at stake for American companies and American workers (Detroit News Editorial, 10/2/2019). Media outlets seeking the most current AEG expert analysis, interviews with Patrick… Continue reading

September’s AndCan Index:™ AEG Sees Further Growth in Legal Cannabis Demand

June’s monthly demand for legal cannabis products was up 1.7%. U.S. product demand year-over-year is 20.0% higher. Demand was a little softened after a strong showing in May. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EAST LANSING, MI—September 3, 2019—AEG’s monthly AndCan IndexTM confirms a further increase in demand for legal cannabis products in the United States, ticking up… Continue reading

Reforming MPSERS: The impact of issuing pension obligation bonds and extending debt payments

Governor Gretchen Whitmer and leaders of the GOP-led Michigan House and Senate have recently considered proposals to postpone making required principal and interest payments on the unfunded accrued actuarial liability (UAAL) of the Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System (MPSERS). For all variations of this idea, the immediate results of such actions would be the… Continue reading

New Release: Special Report on AI Damages, Part I

A new study from AEG’s Patrick L. Anderson shows AI and machine learning negligence pose serious economic risks. Problems can be identified and mitigated by implementing adequate “AI Audit” protocols. Few businesses are prepared for significant damages due to management complicity with bad AI applications AI Audit methodology proposed to safeguard organizations and individuals, limit… Continue reading

Healthcare Innovations in Georgia: Two Recommendations

This comprehensive report from Anderson Economic Group (AEG) includes recommendations to innovate healthcare programs for the State of Georgia. These proposals would decrease the number of uninsured, reduce healthcare costs for millions, and improve quality in a patient-centered system. The report, entitled Healthcare Innovations in Georgia: Two Recommendations, was undertaken to determine if Georgia could… Continue reading

Anderson Economic Group Michigan Craft Beer Analysis

The experts at Anderson Economic Group have prepared an analysis on the craft beer industry in Michigan, including interactive visualizations. The analysis shows the explosive growth of the craft beer industry in Michigan over the past four years, where the production hot spots are, and sales for each brewery over a four-year time period.  “As… Continue reading

The Impact of Easing Investment Restrictions on Downstate Illinois Police and Fire Pensions Funds

In Illinois, retirement benefits are provided to police officers and firefighters through local pension funds. As of the end of fiscal year 2017, there were 643 pension funds for police officers and firefighters across the state. State law places limits on the types of securities that these pension funds can own. These limitations are particularly… Continue reading

America’s Urban Campus: The Economic, Social, and Cultural Contribution of Chicago’s Colleges and Universities

America’s Urban Campus (AUC) is a consortium of all major colleges and universities in the city of Chicago, including at the time of this report 22 institutions spanning from City Colleges to the School of the Art Institute to the University of Chicago. AUC retained Anderson Economic Group to analyze and provide a report on… Continue reading

After layoff news, GM workers worry about their ‘next move’

Patrick Anderson, CEO of Anderson Economic Group, talks with PBS NewsHour about the recent decisions made by General Motors Watch Here

Three Charts Tell the Story of General Motors’ Painful Decision: Anderson Economic Group visualizes the important data

EAST LANSING, Mich.,—December 3, 2018—Anderson experts released today three interactive data visualizations that show why General Motors made the painful decision that they announced on November 26th. “The visualization put together by our consultants provides insight into why GM made this tough decision,” said Patrick Anderson, Principal and CEO of Anderson Economic Group. About Anderson… Continue reading