AndCan®Index December 2019 Release: September demand flat for legal U.S. cannabis products

AEG’s AndCan®Index December 2019 Release: September demand flat for legal U.S. cannabis products Monthly demand for legal cannabis products in the U.S. remained flat in September. Year-over-year demand still strong, showing a 16.3% growth rate. After a strong showing in July, September is the second month of flat readings. EAST LANSING, MI—December 10, 2019—According to… Continue reading

AndCan® Index, SI News

Patrick Anderson Talks Supported Intelligence, AndCan® Index on the M2Techcast. Watch:

AndCan®Index: A Pause in August Demand for Legal Cannabis Products

AEG’s AndCan®Index November 2019 Release: After strong July numbers, August takes a break; year-over-year figures still up considerably August’s monthly demand for legal cannabis products was flat. U.S. product demand year-over-year is 18.8% higher. Increase in demand paused after strong reading in July. EAST LANSING, MI—November 5, 2019—AEG’s monthly AndCan®Index indicated a flat level of… Continue reading

Economic Impact of Beer Tourism in Kent County, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to nearly 40 popular breweries. The first and most well-known is Founders Brewing Company, which was established in 1997. Over the next decade and a half, a number of breweries opened, and the city was voted Beer City USA in 2012 and 2013. In 2016 and 2017, USA Today readers… Continue reading

Anderson Economic Group: Ongoing GM Strike Analysis

Page updated November 7, 2019 See AEG’s latest analysis from October 25 below. Patrick Anderson explains the implications of this strike beyond the auto industry (Detroit News editorial, 10/2/19). Media outlets seeking the most current AEG expert analysis, interviews with Patrick Anderson and Brian Peterson, or up-to-the-minute input from our analysts should contact Lisa at… Continue reading

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