AndCan®Index, June 2020 Release: Demand Growth Flat in March

Legal U.S. cannabis product demand remained almost flat in March Monthly demand for U.S. legal cannabis products remained largely steady for the month of March. Year-over-year demand is strong, growing by 13.6%. After increases in January and February, growth stumbled in March for a flat showing. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EAST LANSING, MI—June 25, 2020—According to Anderson […]

COVID-19 Current Commentary and Analysis

Current Commentary and Charts: AEG 2-Wave Models   AEG’s Ongoing COVID-19 Analysis: June 2020 Memo to Michigan’s Governor: Covid-19 Progression and Michigan’s economy (revised 4/22) June 17 Op-Ed from Patrick Anderson June Media Releases and Other COVID-Related Analyses: Cancelled Summer Events Exacting Economic Toll on Chicago Economy Statement on the Impacts of Widespread Looting Anderson […]

Cancelled Summer Events Exacting Economic Toll on Chicago Economy

Chicago, IL; June 9, 2020 — Businesses across Chicago began to reopen last week after more than two months of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. There are still tough times ahead for the city’s economy, however. A major announcement from the Mayor’s office today officially cancelled a number of popular summer events. “Lollapalooza, the Taste of Chicago, […]

Anderson Economic Group Economists Estimate Adjusted Unemployment Rate at 16.3% in May

Unemployment and the Pandemic Anderson Economic Group economists have focused on the coronavirus pandemic and the related business and government actions since February of this year. In March, we identified the huge impact of both state executive order restrictions and decisions to restrict travel, cancel events, and close businesses as likely to cause 100 million […]

Current COVID-19 Graphical Analysis & Commentary

View June 25 data for: Georgia Kentucky Maryland Minnesota Questions? Ask our experts. June 26, 2020 Commentary Pint of Analysis: Analyzing the Trajectory of COVID-19 in U.S. States with a Growing Brewery Industry Pandemic trends using two-wave model for Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, and Georgia June 26, 2020–Anderson Economic Group continues to closely track the progression […]

Economic Impact Report Released for Illinois’ Fermilab

Anderson Economic Group was retained by Fermilab  to study the economic and fiscal impact on Illinois. This report demonstrates a significant impact on the particle physics and accelerator laboratory’s home state of Illinois. The findings, based on FY 2018 data, show an economic impact on the state totaling $452 million. The lab’s activities also created […]

Economic Impact of Beer Tourism in Kent County, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan is home to nearly 40 popular breweries. The first and most well-known is Founders Brewing Company, which was established in 1997. Over the next decade and a half, a number of breweries opened, and the city was voted Beer City USA in 2012 and 2013. In 2016 and 2017, USA Today readers […]

Oregon Public Sector Workforce: The Cost of Employee Replacement, Evidence of Labor Shortage


Patrick L. Anderson Wins National Award For Comparing Human Experts With Machine Learning


Michigan’s research universities pump $18.7 billion into state economy