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Business Economics & Finance: Using MATLAB, GIS, and Simulation Models

Patrick L. Anderson 

The book takes recent theoretical advances in Finance and Economics and shows how they can be implemented in the real world. It presents tactics for using mathematical and simulation models to solve complex tasks of forecasting income, valuing businesses, predicting retail sales, and evaluating markets, tax and regulatory problems.

Business Economics and Finance with Matlab, GIS, and Simulation Models provides a unique overview of sophisticated business and financial applications. This book describes models that have been developed for analysis of retail sales, tax policy, location, economic impact, public policy issues, and other challenges faced by executives, investors, and economists on a daily basis. It also offers groundbreaking insight into the many calculation and modeling tools that can be remotely hosted and run over the Internet, resulting in substantial user benefits and cost savings.

This unique book is the first to fully explore the capabilities of MATLAB in the field of business economics, and also explains how the benefits of sophisticated mathematical models can be provided to users via the Internet, using a thin-client environment. Many techniques directly incorporate geographic information and GIS, in a way that was impossible until quite recently. Some techniques, such as fuzzy logic, retail sales, economic and fiscal impact models, and other Matlab and Simulink models, are described for the first time in print in this book. The sections on business income and value break new ground by directly incorporating uncertainty, “real option” value, and prediction of variables using Ito and “jump” processes. Incorporating dozens of examples, hundreds of references, and rigorous explanations of both theory and practice, it will become a prized reference for analysts demanding the best techniques.



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Catalog no. C3480, July 2004
500 pp., ISBN: 1-58488-348-0
Price: $79.95

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