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Big Dilemma for Big Ten: COVID-19 in Four Big Ten Conference States

Two-wave model shows trajectory for Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and Wisconsin

July 24, 2020–East Lansing, MI: The Midwest is home to some of the largest colleges and universities in the country. These institutions are grappling with the challenges of safely reopening in the fall, whether it be online or in-person. Among these choices are how to safely manage athletic programs, many of which generate substantial revenues. Big Ten sports programs collectively generated $1.8 billion in ticket sales, donations, licensing rights, school funds, student fees, and other sources for their respective programs in 2018-19. With COVID-19 spreading at unprecedented rates in some areas, these revenues are in jeopardy of being lost. See the full release linked below, where we discuss the progression of COVID-19 across four Midwestern states using advanced modeling that naturally captures empirically observed asymmetry in cases over time.

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