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Automation Alley's Second Annual Technology Industry Report: Driving Southeast Michigan Forward

Automation Alley is an eight county region in Southeast Michigan, and a member organization aimed at developing and promoting the region’s technology industry. Automation Alley retained Anderson Economic Group in 2005 to provide an assessment of the size and scope of the region’s technology industry, and in 2006 retained us again to produce the second annual report: Automation Alley’s Second Annual Technology Industry Report: Driving Southeast Michigan Forward. This analysis provided updated information and an assessment of the region’s technology industry from 1998-2004. It also included an additional chapter with in-depth analysis of the Life Sciences technology cluster.

Our analysis first required that we provide a conservative and reliable definition of the technology industry. We did so following the rigorous methodology first applied in our 2005 Auto Alley report. Using the definition, we were able to analyze census data to determine how many employees worked in the industry. We also assessed total payroll, average wages, and the number of technology establishments within Automation Alley. We also analyzed other indicators of the region’s technology industry, including patents issued, university and military research and development, and automotive research and development. A special section on the Life Sciences technology cluster provided an analysis of the number of jobs and wages within the Life Sciences cluster, as well as information of Life Sciences research and development in the public and private sectors.

We compiled our analysis into a 100 page report, complete with a foreword from Patrick L. Anderson, several appendices, and detailed narrative and graphics on the region’s technology industry. An abridged version was also published by Automation Alley for distribution to its members, the media, and businesses throughout the world.

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