Anderson Economic Group Michigan Craft Beer Analysis

The experts at Anderson Economic Group have prepared an analysis on the craft beer industry in Michigan, including interactive visualizations. The analysis shows the explosive growth of the craft beer industry in Michigan over the past four years, where the production hot spots are, and sales for each brewery over a four-year time period.

“As we worked through the analysis it was interesting to see where the hotspots really were,” said Jason Fedorinchik, Research Associate at AEG. “While there is some turnover of breweries, there is no doubt the industry will remain strong in Michigan.”

AEG found that:

  • The craft beer industry in Michigan has grown tremendously over the past four years. The number of breweries has grown from 187 in 2015, to 285 in 2018; an increase of over 50%. Production in sales of gallons has also grown by 21% on an annual basis.
  • Detroit, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids represent the production hot spots of the Lower Peninsula; northern parts of the state are enjoying the presence of smaller craft beer producers.

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