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AEG Introduces New Automotive Advisory Service

How will changes in the automotive industry affect your organization or community?

The only thing certain in today’s automotive industry (both domestic and foreign)is change, leaving communities, businesses, non-profits, investors, and individuals across the country wondering how and when the change will affect them.  The experts at Anderson Economic Group have been closely following the ups and downs of the industry, and were among the first to predict the desperate conditions now facing the industry.

The firm is now offering a new automotive industry advisory service to help you stay abreast of the situation, understand the scope of the changes in the industry, and the likely impact of those changes. The base service includes:

1.       Monthly industry news and analysis by AEG’s experts, including:  analysis of important events, legislation, strategy decisions, or other matters in the industry; the latest automotive sales data, by manufacturer; and period updates on OEM plant closings, line shutdowns, hirings, line openings, shift additions or subtractions, in the United States.

2.       Timely e-mail updates as major events or industry news unfolds during each month.

3.       30 minutes of discussions (per month), via telephone or at our offices, with one of our industry experts to discuss the analyses in more detail.

4.       A copy of our December 2008 industry analysis, identifying likely scenarios for each of the Detroit Three, as well as a copy of our December 2008 economic analysis, discussing the potential economic costs of industry bankruptcies compared to the cost of a government loan.

5.       A 20% discount on additional work that you may retain us for during the next one year.

The service is available for $2,500 per quarter, or $1,000 per month.  We can also provide custom analyses, such as employment forecasts, economic and fiscal impacts, and tax incentive analyses for any geographic location. 
To subscribe to our auto advisory service, or learn more about a custom analysis, please contact us at 517-333-6984.

CONTACT: Tyler Marie Theile
Anderson Economic Group. LLC