Anderson Economic Group’s experts in policy, economics, industry, and finance believe we can best serve our clients and our community by fairly and independently assessing the benefits and costs associated with business transactions, new developments, changes in policy, and economic trends.

Anderson Economic Group’s consultants study issues fairly and never “sell conclusions.” Before we begin a study, we agree with our clients on the scope of the study, the issues to be evaluated, and the research goals. We follow a rigorous methodology that can be reviewed and validated by others. We tell the truth.

When clients require guidance to explain issues to policymakers, we assist by formulating a truthful and concise communication strategy. If desired, our skilled team can present study conclusions to legislative committees, corporate boards, judges and juries, the media, and other entities.

At Anderson Economic Group, we consult with clients’ government relations representative, attorneys, and other professionals but we are not a lobbying or law firm. When clients need those or other services outside the scope of our firm, we recommend reputable alternatives. Similarly, if we are asked to support policies for which we cannot, in good conscience, provide assistance, we provide a referral to a suitable researcher, consultant, economist, lobbyist, attorney, or other professional.

Anderson Economic Group’s consultants are real people analyzing real world data.

We work one-on-one with you to identify unique challenges and apply industry expertise to solve your most complex business problems.

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