Anderson Economic Group’s Expert

Consulting Staff

Patrick L. Anderson

Principal and CEO

Tyler Marie Theile

VP, COO, Director of Public Policy & Economic Analysis

Dr. Cristina Benton

Director, Market & Industry Analysis

Kenan Cosguner

Consultant & Controller

Alston D’Souza

Senior Analyst & Data Scientist

Shay Manawar

Market and Industry Analyst

Nick Beekman

Research Associate and Administrative Assistant

Lisa Wootton Booth

Executive & Marketing Assistant

Samyuktha Iyer

Intern, Analyst

Affiliated Experts

Success in the marketplace comes from understanding the environment in which customers, businesses, economic conditions, and policies interact.

Our team provides thorough analyses—customized for each client’s unique requirements—that objectively assess market supply and demand, project feasibility, regional economic conditions, business strategies, and economic conditions. Contact us today and find out how we can solve your most complex business problems.

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