Engaging Our Services

Before undertaking an engagement, we discuss, and then execute, a written contract or engagement letter with a client. This agreement states:

  • The specific services we will perform.
  • The geographic market, site or sites, business, industry, segment of the market, or event that is the focus of the research.
  • Information we will rely on the client to provide.
  • The type of deliverable we will provide.
  • Expected fees required to fully complete the specified services and payment terms.

Discussing a Project

We ask interested parties to discuss their project with us before we propose a scope of work and cost estimate. Under most circumstances, we respond to inquiries within 24 hours, and can provide an engagement letter for a knowledgeable and prepared client within one week. In crisis situations, we can respond more rapidly, but will still require an executed engagement letter and retainer before beginning work.

Fees for Service

Our fees are based on the professional time and direct costs required to fully complete a project. Direct costs include printing, travel, Geographic Information System charges, and proprietary data charges. An initial payment or retainer is required before we commence work, with progress payments made monthly or at specific progress milestones.

Quality Assurance

Anderson Economic Group follows a written quality assurance program, based on the elements of ISO 9000. Among the quality assurance steps we insist upon are the use of a sound, written methodology; documentation of important sources; identification of important assumptions; file organization and retention schedules; proper summarization of technical work; and high quality standards for written reports and graphics.


AEG provides consulting services only in its areas of expertise. We avoid the conflicts of interest inevitable when performing unrelated services, such as auditing for the same entity to which we provide consulting services. Similarly, compensation for our consulting work is based on the work we perform, not the outcome of an investment, legal proceeding, or revenue target.

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