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Working at AEG

Every employee at Anderson Economic Group is committed to our three core values of professionalism, integrity, and expertise. We exhibit these values in our daily work and on every project, large or small.

We are one of the few U.S. consulting firms to adopt a formal quality assurance program based on the principles of ISO 9000. We follow this standard in order to provide consistency and quality in our work. Only motivated individuals who are willing to commit to the core values of professionalism, integrity and expertise, and who are willing to consistently meet a quality standard, should apply for a position at our firm.

Anderson Economic Group is headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan; and has an office in Chicago, Illinois.

Inquiring About Employment

If you wish to contact us about potential employment, please do so only after viewing information on our website about our firm, including examples of past projects and one or more publications. If interested, please email or mail a letter to our Human Resources Manager or another person in the firm, noting in your letter your particular interest and expertise, and also mentioning what aspects of the firm or past projects that particularly caught your attention.

If you are interested in working at AEG, we encourage you to review staff bios found on the Our Team page. Our consulting team is made up of individuals who hold degrees in fields including public policy, political science, economics, engineering, math, geography, and others. We seek employees with excellent writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Please note that we do not consider applicants who contact our firm with mass-sent emails or who send resumes without a clear, written explanation of the applicant’s interest in this specific firm.

Anderson Economic Group is an equal opportunity employer, and welcomes qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Anderson Economic Group Consultants are real people analyzing real world data.

We work one on one with you to identify unique challenges and apply industry expertise to solve your most complex business problems.

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