AEG in Turkey

At Anderson Economic Group, we insist on the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and expertise. Founded in the U.S. in 1996, Anderson Economic Group has been active in Turkey since 2012.

Our experts have real-world experience in the Turkish market, and have the tools to help our clients succeed in their global business endeavors. We customize our approach for each project to provide rigorous data analytics, and follow a detailed methodology that is transparent. We provide our clients with reliable and accurate results.

In Istanbul, our consulting services include U.S. market entry analysis. AEG has advised TIM, the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly—a public-private partnership representing 65,000 businesses—on the opening of Turkish Trade Centers in Chicago and New York, coordinating efforts with AEG offices in those cities.

We base our foundation in Turkey on relationships with important institutions and decision makers. These include Turkish private sector companies, investment agencies, development agencies, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Development, U.S. and Turkish consulates, and trade associations. AEG is also a member of the Turkish American Business Association (TABA) and the American Chamber in Turkey.

Why Turkey?

“Turkey has a dynamic economy. It has increasing technological knowledge. It has a motivated workforce. But there are deeper reasons, and they are the ones I earnestly tell my American and European friends about. First, Turkey has strong institutions, which foster long term investment. Second, it has open economy, which encourages trade.  Third, it has a location that, for nearly two millennia, has been a center of world commerce.”

-Patrick L. Anderson, CEO, Anderson Economic Group LLC

Additional Information

Download Turkey brochure (English) here.
Türkiye’de ki hizmetlerimiz hakkında buradan broşür indirebilirsiniz (Turkish).