Volkswagen Emissions Crisis: Resources

Anderson Economic Group is uniquely qualified to assist parties affected by the Volkswagen crisis. We have worked with those in the automotive industry and their attorneys across the U.S., including those representing virtually all major automotive brands. We are also active members of the National Association of Dealer Counsel (NADC).

Background on the Volkswagen Crisis

In fall of 2015, Volkswagen Group admitted to equipping certain diesel-engine vehicles with a “defeat device,” which cheats government mandated emissions tests and shows compliance for otherwise non-compliant NOx vehicle emissions. About 11 million vehicles worldwide—nearly 500,000 in the U.S., alone—are equipped with the device. News that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued two Notices of Violation of the Clean Air Act to Volkswagen Group shocked the automobile industry.

As of September 14, 2016, VW and U.S. authorities reached an agreement concerning its affected 2.0L diesel vehicles. This agreement received court approval in October 2016, and included offering affected customers multiple compensatory options, including VW buying back the vehicle, canceling a lease, or fixing the vehicle. The deal also included further monetary compensation to affected owners and established a fund to help offset the environmental damage caused by the affected vehicles and to promote the use of zero emission vehicles.

VW reached a deal regarding their 3.0L diesel vehicles in December 2016. This deal included buybacks for older models, and fixes plus cash payouts for newer models. VW also offered to terminate leases for older models, and for the newer models if VW cannot fix them in a timely manner. This deal also included further contributions by VW into the environmental remediation trust and for the promotion of zero emission vehicles, similar to the agreement for 2.0L vehicles. VW reached further settlement agreements with the FTC and private complainants in early 2017.

VW has also agreed to pay its U.S. dealers as part of its settlement, and to suspend required capital improvements to dealerships for two years.

This scandal has not only affected Volkswagen Group, but has also significantly affected Volkswagen dealerships; Volkswagen customers; other manufacturers, including those who do business with Volkswagen and those that do not; and regulatory authorities, particularly the EPA.

AEG Advice to Affected Parties

  1. Do not jump to conclusions yet about the scope of the scandal, the remedy for the affected parties, or the way in which affected parties might be treated by Volkswagen Group.
  2. Attorneys should closely watch a handful of significant cases where damages were awarded to franchisees and consumers.
  3. Dealerships should start keeping records regarding any “stop sale” vehicles; floor plan, storage, and related costs; and any reimbursement or payments from Volkswagen.
  4. Dealerships should also continue to well represent the brand and the products and services their local customers desire, consistent with laws and their franchise agreements.

For additional information see: Auto Dealers and the VW Emissions Crisis: Some Early Advice from a Damages Expert

AEG Expertise

The attributes we believe are essential in analyzing this topic include the following:

  • A deep knowledge of automotive and manufacturing sectors.
  • Extensive work with companies and trade associations in the advanced automotive and manufacturing supply sectors operating in multiple countries.
  • Ability to identify the characteristics of the regional market for specific consumer segments, and expert knowledge and technological expertise in evaluating specific market areas using GIS technology.
  • A track record of assessing economic performance and the effectiveness of organizational policies in an incisive manner. 

Examples of results yeilded from our work include the following:



Volkswagen Group Resources

The Volkswagen Diesel Website includes information on a goodwill package for customers, FAQs, statements from Volkswagen Group management and board.

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