Real Estate - Residential, Retail, Mixed-Use

While the recent credit crunch and economic uncertainty have caused investor anxiety and tighter lending standards, we continue to find real value in bricks and mortar. The challenge is finding projects that are feasible, which can fill a gap in market supply where the demand has not been met.

Our company offers a variety of services that developers and lenders can rely on to minimize project risk and to identify gaps in market supply to meet demand. We combine our expertise in the real estate industry with accurate analyses to deliver high quality reports with achievable strategies.

Real Estate Industry Services:

  • Location Analysis and Site Selection
    We conduct these studies for developers and businesses seeking a location for their project through a detailed study of market and land attributes. These factors include visibility, accessibility, transportation networks, demographics and socio-economics, supply and demand, workforce, tax climate, and regulatory environment. After careful evaluation of these factors, along with a client’s site requirements, we identify potential sites for a location or relocation.
  • Trade Area Delineation, Geocoding, and Custom Mapping
    With our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, we conduct spatial analyses that are tailored to meet the needs of any real estate project. We can plot your geographic-based data, create custom maps, and visually display your customer locations, store or distribution network, competitor trade areas, and any other market information.   
  • Real Estate Feasibility and Strategies
    We work with developers and landowners across North America, studying commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects to determine their viability in a given market.  Through a rigorous supply and demand analysis, we will identify the optimal volume, sizes, formats, and price points for any project.
  • Downtown and Community Market Strategies
    We provide strategies for attracting and retaining businesses and residents to build strong communities and downtown cores.  These strategies can focus on improving shopping districts, residential options, optimal land utilization, business recruitment and retention, economic diversification, or creating regional attractions. 
  • Highest and Best Use Studies
    We help real estate owners and developers determine the highest and best development use for their parcel.  These studies focus on site and locational attributes, and may also reflect the results of supply and demand analyses for two or more land use categories.  We combine a number of analytic approaches, including site selection, location analysis, pro formas, and supply and demand studies, to help identify the highest and best use of a unique parcel.
  • Regional Economic Assessments and Strategies
    These analyses of a region’s economy and demography identify economic trends, industry diversification, and project future demands. This allows real estate developers, municipalities, and corporations to undertake targeted development strategies, make more informed planning decisions, and proactively address economic and community needs.
  • Demographic and Economic Assessments
    These assessments provide a close look at the current and projected demographic and socio-economic characteristics of any geographic area. They provide important market information, along with projections, to help guide informed real estate strategies and investments.
  • Market Snapshot Reports
    These reports are a consice analysis of your business' or organization's trade area demographics. For more information please visit our Market Snapshots Reports webpage.

In all of these service levels, we are able to collaborate with professional planning firms to help guide master plans, future land use plans, corridor studies, and related projects.

Anderson Economic Group as leading experts in Real Estate Feasibility Study. Their team has been doing Real Estate Feasibility Study for many years and have had success with many clients in Michigan and many other states. Real Estate Feasibility Study are a core expertise and we strive to be industry leaders.