Market and Industry Analysis

Success in the marketplace comes from understanding the environment in which customers, businesses, economic conditions, and policies interact. Our team provides thorough analyses—customized for each client’s unique requirements—that objectively assess market supply and demand, project feasibility, regional economic conditions, business strategies, and economic conditions.   

Services for Business and Industry

  • Market and Trade Area Analysis
    Every market has opportunities… the challenge is to identify and capitalize on them before your competitors. Our demographic, economic, consumer, and competitor analyses can keep you ahead of the curve. Whether you’re looking to gain new insights into existing markets or explore opportunities in new markets, AEG market and trade area studies provide the foundation for success. We also offer Market Snapshot Reports for those requiring a less intensive study.
  • Retail and Distribution Network Analysis
    Strong networks strategically allocate resources to maximize accessibility to products and services. Our analyses can be used to build and update networks, bringing you closer to your customers and increasing your visibility in new markets. Our analyses also ensure territories are properly assigned so that franchisees can market to consumers they are most proximate to, and franchisors can ensure strong market coverage.
  • Sales Forecasts and Performance Assessments
    Success is relative to opportunity. As such, our sales forecasts and performance assessments begin with a quantification of market opportunity. This measures sales potential, as dictated by the market. We then assess actual performance relative to this potential, and identify constraints that may limit a business’s ability to reach the market’s potential. 
  • Customer Data Analysis and Strategies
    We work with businesses and organizations to unlock the value of their customer data. Our segmentation analyses identify clusters of like customers, our lifetime value analyses guide decisions, and our dynamic customer-marketing models identify value-maximizing promotional strategies. The bottom line... the right message, delivered using value-maximizing strategies, to the right segments equal true value from your data.
  • Industry Studies and Benchmarking
    These assessments allow businesses and investors to identify and evaluate new opportunities. They allow trade associations and governments to better understand an industry’s size, strengths, and trends. We determine industry employment, average wages, growth and contraction trends, strengths and weaknesses, to estimate economic and fiscal impacts at national, regional, and local levels.
  • Surveys and Focus Groups
    We provide custom surveys of various groups, including association memberships, customers, and employees to measure perceptions, wants, and needs, as well as to collect important performance and demographic measures. We also facilitate focus group sessions to share concepts, gauge reactions, and collect input. Our surveys and focus groups are carefully designed to avoid bias and leading, ensuring useful and accurate results.
  • Tourism and Event Impact Studies
    These studies provide your organization with detailed information on who is visiting your city or attending your event; and what they are doing while there. Estimating attendance and creating a demographic profile of your participants gives you the data necessary for effective marketing and growth.
  • U.S. Market Entry Consulting
    Our consultants have helped companies from Europe, Asia, and Latin America develop a strategy to enter the US market. We build a business strategy for our international clients on the same elements that are important to our American clients: keen understanding of the industry; assessment of local market conditions, customer locations, and logistic networks; awareness of critical cost factors and how they vary across the states and cities; and focus on customer demands, including brand elements and distribution channels. For more information visit our U.S. Market Entry Consulting page.

Economic Development and Real Estate Services

  • Real Estate Feasibility and Market Strategies
    Our feasibility studies address retail, residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects to determine their viability in a given market and to identify highest and best use strategies for real estate. Through a rigorous supply and demand analysis, we will identify the optimal volume, sizes, formats, and price points for any project. We can provide pro forma financial analyses to help developers and investors determine financial feasibility. We also offer Market Snapshot Reports for those requiring a less intensive study.
  • Market Assessments and Strategies
    Our market assessments provide public and private sector clients with deep understandings of economic trends and conditions to reveal opportunities for development and business attraction. Our strategies focus on improving shopping districts, meeting housing needs, improving land utilization, and meeting market opportunities.
  • Community and Stakeholder Surveys
    What’s missing from your community? What are you doing right and shouldn’t change? What better way to find out than to ask the community? We can undertake the complete process, or guide you and your team through select steps, to ensure your community and stakeholder surveys are well written, convenient to complete, properly administered, and carefully analyzed.
  • Community and Economic Development
    For more information please visit our Community and Economic Development industry page.


Our team has experience in markets across the United States, and in a range of industries. We have worked with major retailers, automobile dealerships and other franchised businesses, industry organizations, real estate developers, governments, and non-profits. We also work with attorneys in matters requiring expert reports and testimony; investors when market due diligence is needed; and planners and architects for community master plans.

Rigorous Methodology; Credible Results

Our analyses use rigorous methodologies that include a combination of quantitative analyses supported by qualitative expertise. We base our analyses on the most current data from tested and reliable sources, and provide reports that fully document our methods and assumptions. As a result, our findings are thoroughly supported and clearly explained, providing our clients a clear picture of the market, and sound strategies for moving forward. 

We also provide Policy, Fiscal, and Economic Analyses, including economic impact studies; as well as Expert Reports and Testimony in cases involving markets disputes and related matters.

Anderson Economic Group as leading experts in Market and Industry Analysis. Their team has been doing Market and Industry Analysis for many years and have had success with many clients in Michigan and many other states. Market and Industry Analysis are a core expertise and we strive to be industry leaders.