Margarita Bashelvaci

Margarita Bashelvaci is a Consultant with Anderson Economic Group working in the Strategy and Business Valuation practice area. Her work includes economic and financial data analysis, research, and valuation.

Ms. Bashelvaci specializes in beverage, automotive, hotel, and franchised industries. Her work is often relied upon in court for the firms expert testimony work. Ms. Bashelvaci has managed several projects including a class action damages case for a major franchised restaurant, a business valuation for a minority share of a liquor company, and multiple cases involving contract disputes in the alcohol, real-estate, and automotive industries.

Prior to joining Anderson Economic Group, Ms. Bashelvaci worked at the International Ecological Fund in Moscow where she assisted with research and analysis for international business studies.

Ms. Bashelvaci holds a MBA degree with concentration in Finance from DePaul University. She also holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Linguistics and Communications from the Russian International Academy.