Uğur Terzioğlu

Mr. Terzioğlu is the Senior Advisor for Anderson Economic Group in Turkey. Prior to joining Anderson Economic Group, Mr. Terzioğlu ran his family business of olive oil soap production, and cotton and tobacco factories from 1950-1962. He also was an advisor to Prime Minister Adnan Menderes during those years. From 1963-1971, Mr. Terzioğlu was the General Manager of an agriculture factory. In 1971, he founded Filmcentre Group in Rome, Italy, which handled the international sales of movies to Turkey, Greece, Middle East, Far East and Holland. In 1986, Mr. Terzioğlu returned to Istanbul as General Coordinator of ASTALDI S.p.A. Italian Construction Company, and participated in the signing of a $1billion dollar infrastructure project to build highways, tunnels, and viaducts in Turkey. Presently, Mr. Terzioğlu still runs two companies in the film industry - one is Exhibition which co-owns 145 theatres and one is a distribution company releasing theatrical and television movies.

Mr. Terzioğlu has been actively involved in politics; from 1950-1960 he served as Head of the Young Democratic Party, and from 1963-1970 he was with the former Justice Party. Mr. Terzioğlu has been awarded the Diamond of Merit by the late President Reagan in 1982, and was named the Chevalier of France in 1987. He received a Medal of Honor, Cavaliero di Republica, from Italy in March 2005. He also has certificate of Merit from MPAA in the U.S. for his work regarding anti-piracy.  Mr. Terzioğlu is the founder of American Chamber of Commerce TABA/AMCHAM, and was the Chairman of this organization for twelve years and now serves as the Chairman of the High Advisory Council for TABA. He is a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and DEIK. Mr. Terzioğlu also currently serves as the President of the American Turkish Friendship Council in Turkey, as well as a representative of the Democratic Council of California, an aid organization operating in Turkey to help Iraqi and Syrian refugees.