Peter J. Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz is a Consultant at Anderson Economic Group, working primarily in the Strategy and Business Valuation practice area. His work to date has focused on matters of commercial damages and franchising, including in the automotive and food and beverage industries, and on compiling reports for expert testimony.

An authority in sports-related business, Mr. Schwartz covered that industry extensively as a journalist and has worked as executive management at sports-focused technology and venture capital firms. Mr. Schwartz has authored more than 100 published works as a reporter and staff writer at Forbes and Bloomberg News, where he specialized in compiling data-driven franchise valuations.

His value reports have included analysis of professional sports teams across more than a dozen leagues worldwide. Additionally, Mr. Schwartz has written about hedge, mutual, and private equity funds, municipal bonds, and billionaires—and has been a frequent columnist in Forbes Magazine’s “Makers and Breakers” section, providing statistically-based stock market investment advice to readers. Highlights include: The U.S. House of Representatives citing his reporting on hedge funds as an impetus for hearings held on the industry in 2008; multiple media industry awards for his Bloomberg BusinessWeek valuations of Major League Baseball franchises in 2013.

Mr. Schwartz previously wrote for Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and New York City’s bid for the Olympic Games. He is co-author of Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game (Penguin Group, 2013), a New York Times bestselling book (non-fiction).

Mr. Schwartz served as Presidential Research Scholar at New York University for five years, where he lectured and previously was the inaugural Lisa Goldberg Fellow in Law. He has earned degrees from the institution in the study of law (MA) and journalism/sports business management (BA). Prior to then, he was a visiting student at Yale University and a graduate of Upper Canada College.

Peter Schwartz is editor of Anderson Reports, AEG’s special reports publication unit, and he manages AEG’s 40 Wall Street offices in New York City.